Community Support



The Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon and Indian Head Casino are dedicated to making a positive and rewarding difference in the lives of the Warm Springs community members and its surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide contribution to Tribal Member Youth and Senior Citizens in the Health, Education, Community Development, and the environment.


The budgeted resources are limited, so it is wise to ensure a wide range of support to impact the greatest number of people. The following guidelines help us focus on our contributions. All requests must be submitted 30 days prior to the event or deadline date. In-Kind Donations/Sponsorship Request form shall be completely filled out and submitted to the Donations Committee 30 days prior to event. In lieu of a cash donation, the committee may consider donating an item and/or IHC comp to be used towards a fund raising raffle for an event, which may include team sporting events and/or activities. Past fulfillment of a donation request does not obligate Indian Head Casino to future donations requests from the same organization. It is at the discretion of the IHC Management to reevaluate a donation request, which IHC has contributed to in the past. All donation requests, whether approved or denied, will receive a form letter. Requests must primarily be for events/programs that support the Warm Springs Community and surrounding areas in which we operate and serve.


It is vital that that all Sponsorships must enhance Indian Head Casino’s image as a high quality gaming establishment. IHC may stipulate conditions and/or advertising that will give the most return on their investment. The following conditions must be agreed to and followed while representing Indian Head Casino: Individuals and teams will represent IHC in a courteous, friendly, respectful and hospitable manner during events and/or functions. If any individual or team is found negligent of the aforementioned conditions, such sponsorship will be terminated. IHC Sponsorships are valid for the length of one event/term/function. IHC will not sponsor events or individual in the following areas: Groups which seek to influence elections or legislation. Organizations for sectarian or religious purposes. Institutions that unfairly discriminate against race, ethnic origin, sex, creed, or religion.


IHC Donations/Sponsorship Policy-Download pdf 

IHC In-Kind Donation/Sponsorship Request-Download pdf 

IHC Donations/Sponsorship Committee Guidelines-Download pdf 

IRS Form W9-Download pdf